React Native

Native, hybrid and cross-platform

Native feeling and performance

Reach user exigences with native performances, following native guidelines for essential elements such as navigation, screen transitions, gestures, and all components.

Cross-platform: time and cost saving

Both iOS and Android apps are built using the same source code.

No need to engage two differents teams, which allow fast and simple developments phases, and make the app easier to maintain and to improve.

React: code highly scalable and maintainable

The code source uses the React programming concepts and the last Javascript standard.

It guarantees confidence to make evolve the application with a clean and powerful code.

Javascript ecosystem

It allows us to use libraries of the most popular programming language in the world, with all time and debug benefits.

The top-growing open-source technology

Thousands of developers (like from Airbnb, Facebook, Wix, and from all over the world) participate to expose and enrich an ecosystem full of priceless librairies and contributions.

Efficient developer experience

Killing dev features and tools make the dev flow ultra fast and smooth when developing and testing the app.

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