Progressive Web Application

App-like feeling

PWA are designed as mobile-first single-page applications (SPA) to be fast with engaging navigation and interactions, and a layout optimized for mobile.

User experience is largely improved

Mobile adaptation

Via his device browser, the user can add the website’s icon to the device’s home screen, and a launch screen will introduce the opening.

Window Store even has a "automatic integration".

Native apps features

  • Push Notifications

  • Offline access

  • Background tasks

  • Storage

  • Bluetooth / Beacons

  • Sensors

  • etc.

Costs are kept low

"One code for all devices", this web development strategy makes costs lower than everything to cover all devices, regardless to the platform.

Acquisition and discoverability

"Zero install", no need to find, download and install it from an app store.

All pages will be indexable from search engines, as classic website.

Easy maintainability without updating issues

A PWA will offer a easiest and more granular control on releases and updates, comparing to Store distributed apps.

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